How To Pay

All application forms into the various postgraduate programmes of the University are purchased, filled, submitted and processed online. All Postgraduate application forms cost =N= 10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira Only) and are paid through Interswitch Payment Platform using ATM/Nigeria Debit Card. Please read the general information on (Online) e-payment System Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS). Please note that the Postgraduate College, UNIOSUN disclaims any purchase that is not on UNIOSUN PG Portal via InterSwitch Payment platform. No cash payment or bank to bank transfer to any account is allowed. Do not pay to personal account of anybody. Beware of Fraudsters!!!

 1. What is an ATM/Debit Card?
The Bank Automated Teller Machine (ATM) / Debit Card is a currency card linked to an individual’s naira accounts which is designed to provide account holders access to cash direct from their accounts any time they need it. Cardholder's name, number and expiry date are printed on the front of the card.

2. How do I get an Interswitch enabled ATM/Debit card?
Walk into any branch nationwide of the bank where you have an account and request for ATM/Debit card activated for web (online) payment or internet banking

3. How do I activate my Card for online payment/web transactions?
Visit the nearest branch of your bank and make a request for the activation of your card for online payment/web transactions.
4. What type of ATM/Debit Card can I use to make online payment?
Verve cards and Naira MasterCard are currently accepted. Check if the front of your Debit/ATM card has any of the following logos to be sure it can be used on the Interswitch platform.

5. What details of ATM/Debit Card do I need?
ATM/Debit Card, specifying the “Card Number”, “Expiry Date”, “Card PIN” and “CVV2 Code”. Ensure that you have sufficient funds in the card for specified amount to cater to your fees as quoted.
6. What is CVV2 and where can I find it on my card?
"CVV2" Card Verification Value". The 3 digits (CVV2) is printed on the reverse side of the card, besides the signature panel. See the image above.

7. Are my transactions secured?
The platform is safe and secure and will never share your details with any other party. You must ensure to protect your card and PIN. We also implemented additional security for your payment.

8. Can I give my ATM/Debit Card to someone else to help make payment?
YES! However, it is highly advisable that you make your fees payments yourself. Remember, your ATM / Debit Card is your personal property, and you should disclose your card details especially your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to ANYONE !

9. What is Transaction Reference and why do I need it?

The Transaction Reference is generated automatically and uniquely for you per transaction request you send to the Interswitch Payment Gateway. Always remember to pay attention to"Transaction Reference" before proceeding to click Pay Processing Fee button. If you have any hitch during or after making a payment transaction request, the Transaction Reference can be sent along with your other details to pgsupport@uniosun.edu.ng.

10. I made a payment that was not successful but I have been debited?
Your bank should reverse the transaction within 24 hours. If you do not receive a reversal you may contact us by sending your Name, Programme, Transaction Reference, Payment Date and Amount Paid in an email to  postgraduatecollege@uniosun.edu.ng. 


A response like “Issuer or switch inoperative”, "Transaction Error" or "Transaction Failed" is a switching problem between your bank and Interswitch payment platform, wait a while and try again or later. However, if you get a response like “Exceeds Cash Limit” or “Transaction not permitted to cardholder via channels” please contact your bank. If  “Issuer or switch inoperative” error persist, it is likely your debit card has not been activated for online or internet (web) transactions. Visit the nearest branch of your bank and make a request for the activation of your card for online payment. After any transaction attempt, PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO TRANSACTION RESPONSE MESSAGES FROM INTERSWICTH TO SEE IF PAYMENT IS SUCCESSFUL BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANOTHER TRANSACTION!

While we have done everything necessary to ensure a smooth payment/ registration process, some exceptional situations may occur. Should the situation persist, reach us via listed contacts below:
Email Address: postgraduatecollege@uniosun.edu.ng.


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